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Since Hahn Engineering first began providing professional engineering services to Washington, Idaho and Montana, it has been dedicated to providing our clients with technically innovative and cost effective solutions in civil engineering. Hahn Engineering has vast experience in a variety of civil engineering fields including residential, commercial and municipal. No project is too small or too large and can range in construction cost from $50,000 to $110,800,000. Hahn Engineering has worked on many private and public funded projects and has established professional relationships with many municipal, state and federal agencies along with the private sector. No matter if it is a 20-lot subdivision, 8-story addition to a hospital or a complete water system analysis for a local community, Hahn Engineering Inc. has the staff and commitment to provide professional engineering services to all sizes and types of civil engineering projects.

The following is a listing of civil engineering services that Hahn Engineering can provide:

  • Site Grading Design
  • Earthwork Volume Analysis
  • Stormwater Drainage Planning and Design
  • Domestic Water and Fire Protection Distribution System Analysis and Design
  • Sewer and Wastewater System Planning and Design
  • Full Site Planning and Design
  • Resource Engineering and Stream Bank Stability Analysis and Design
  • Earthen Dam Site Analysis and Design
  • Watershed Modeling and Runoff Analysis
  • Slope Stability Planning and Design including Structural and Non-Structural Measures
  • Retaining Wall Systems

Project and Client List:

  • Sacred Heart Medical Center, Sisters Of Providence
  • Spokane Tribe Economic Project (S.T.E.P.), Spokane Tribe of Indians
  • Spoko Fuel SR2 Redesign, Spokane Tribe of Indians
  • Flint Road Extension, Spokane International Airport
  • Pacific Northwest Tech Park, Granite Investments
  • Concourse "C" Parking Lot Expansion, Spokane International Airport
  • Sewer Lift Station (Francis and Market), WSDOT
  • Booster Station and Water System Analysis and Design, City of Colfax
  • Wastewater Application System Design, Stevens County P.U.D.


In the last 20 years, surveying has taken major strides in technical advances in both electronic equipment and software. These advances have provided the tools for today’s professional surveyor to provide a more cost effective and accurate solution to surveying projects. Hahn Engineering is committed to staying current with “state-of-the-art” equipment and software in order to provide our clients with the best professional surveying available. Technology is great, but it still requires a competent office and field staff to collect and analysis the data. The staff at Hahn Engineering has both the experience and dedication to meet any professional surveying requirement.

The following is a listing of surveying services that Hahn Engineering can provide:

  • Boundary Surveying
  • Topographic Land Surveying
  • Residential Lot Platting
  • A.L.T.A. Surveys
  • Castorial Surveys
  • As-Built Surveying and Certification
  • Boundary Line Adjustments

Project and Client List:

  • Yakima Valley YV Tech Phase II, Garco Construction
  • A.L.T.A. Surveys, Spokane Walgreen's
  • Topo, Boundary Survey, Kalispel Tribe of Indians
  • Topo, Whitworth University
  • Valley Pines Subdivision, Lee Cameron


Once the final plans have met the clients goal and been permitted, it is the Construction Engineer’s responsibility to see to it that the project is completed according to the plans, within budget and on schedule. Quality control for inspection and testing along with construction staking falls under the responsibilities for construction engineering. The staff at Hahn Engineering has the experience to provide our clients with all the necessary services for competent construction engineering to assure a quality project, within budget and on schedule.

The following is a listing of surveying services that Hahn Engineering can provide:

  • Provide Overall Project Construction Management
  • Provide Preparation of  Construction Bid Documents
  • Facilitate Bidding and Selection Process
  • Provide On-Site Inspection
  • Provide Construction Staking
  • Provide Final Inspection Report and Project Acceptance

Project and Client List:

  • Flint Road Extension, Spokane International Airport
  • Wandermere Mall, Wandermere, LLC
  • Westview Elementary School, Leone Keeble Contractors
  • Pacific Northwest Tech Park, Phase 1, Granite Investments, LLC
  • Liberty Lake Mall, Wandermere, LLC
  • Sundance Plaza, Sundance Partnership, LLC


Understanding today’s natural resource challenges and finding solutions that meet the client’s needs are difficult and can potentially be a political battle.  Hahn Engineering, Inc. has been working within the resource arena for over 20 years on projects that range from small single-family residences to large municipal stream corridors.  But, planning and design are only a small part of the overall project scope of work.  One of the most involved and complex steps for project development is to work with numerous agencies for identification and approval of various permits.  Hahn Engineering, Inc. can provide the client with expertise to handle all aspects of a project including planning, design, and permitting.

The following is a listing of resource engineering services that Hahn Engineering can provide:

  • Streambank stabilization
  • Water quality and quantity conservation
  • Municipal waste application to agricultural land
  • Bio-engineered erosion control structures
  • Earthen dam site analysis and design
  • Watershed modeling and runoff analysis
  • Sediment control analysis

Project and Client List:

  • Horseshoe Lake Dam Design, Mike Matney
  • Creek at Qualchan Golf Course, Stream Bank Stabilization Project City of Spokane
  • Natural Resource Interpretative Center, Ferry Conservation district
  • Town of Addy, Municipal Waste Application Project, Stevens County P.U.D.
  • Baker Lake Dam Rehabilitation, Baker Logging
  • Highland Park Stream Bank Stabilization project, Highland Park Homeowners
  • Hutterian Dam Breach Analysis, Spokane Hutterian Brethren


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